Electrical Communication is a free textbook on the basics of communication technology. See the editorial for more information....

Download and Release History

If you are interested in using a local copy of Electrical Communication you can download it as an HTML-Help file:

[2011-06-05] Release 0.50 [18.3 MB]
The zip archive contains the entire ebook as an HTMLhelp file.
After downloading please unpack the zip archive and
double click the file "albert_electcomm.chm" to open the ebook

Following is the release history of Electrical Communication:

Release Date Remarks
0.50 2011-06-05 HTMLHelp book is now available. More cross links added. Index completed. Part of the references are now linked.
0.10 2011-05-04 More cross links added. Cover image finished. Formal bug (repeating section titles) in Section 12 fixed. Improved index.
0.04 2011-04-25 Rest of chapters completed and added. Figure captions improved. Photos which have been destroyed by 2-bit scanning replaced.
0.03 2011-04-05 Two additional sections added. Figure captions improved
0.02 2011-04-01 Index improved. Captions of many figures added. Additional sections implemented.
0.01 2011-03-31 Fragmentary implementation of the first part of the textbook for testing purposes only.


Last Update: 2011-06-05