Basic Radio is a free introductory textbook on electronics based on tubes. See the editorial for more information....

Index E...

E regionThe Ionosphere
e.m.fElectrical Units and Ohm's Law
e.s.u.Electrical Units and Ohm's Law
eddy currentThe Effect of "Neighboring Bodies"
eedback principleBird's-Eye View
effective input capacitanceEffective Input Capacitance
effective valueEffective, Peak, and Average Values
electric fieldField Intensity
electro-motive forceElectrical Units and Ohm's Law
electromagnetic fieldRadiation
electromagnetic hornWaveguides
electronThe Charge of the Electron
 The Mass of the Electron
electron couplingElectron-Coupled Oscillators
electron gunElectron Guns
electron lensElectron Lenses
electron microscopeMagnetic Focusing
electron multiplier tubesSome Electron Multiplier Tubes
electron telescopeAn Electron Telescope
electron voltVelocity of Electrons in a Vacuum Tube
electronic switchElectronic Switches
electrostatic couplingShielding
electrostatic lensCathode-Ray Tubes
electrostatic unitElectrical Units and Ohm's Law
elementary chargeThe Charge of the Electron
end-fire antennaShort-Wire Antennas
equipotential cathodeTypes of Cathodes
equipotential linesCapacitance and Inductance
extinction voltageThe Glow-Tube

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