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Four Dimensional Truth

Modern weather radar as seen on TV or Internet displays the truth in four dimensions to confirm whether it is raining in Boston. The screen displays the space around Boston with shades of color indicating the mass density of rain or snow. Colors green or blue tell the energy that indicates rain or snow. The spatial motion of the radar display indicates the time and space where the rain or snow is happening. So, modern weather radar does display the truth in four dimensions. With practice you should be able to look for the truth about other things by analyzing the raw data from the four dimensions of MEST.

Now this may be the first chapter ever written on the subject of Data Physics but it should not be considered the last word on the subject. Considerable research still needs to be done to mathematically characterize all sixteen fundamental data types. These sixteen types are not the only data that our universe of MEST presents but they are the only ones that our natural senses detect. There are apparently some 256 more rare forms of data produced by MEST that only scientific instruments can detect. Such data as: permeability, permittivity, conductivity, resistivity, radioactivity, and relativity are all more exotic forms of raw data. These 256 rare data types are all mathematically related to the fundamental MEST universe that we all experience. It will probably be quite a while before we discover and characterize them all.

So now you should know a more about your universe of MEST where all life-forms exist. Raw data from MEST is the foundation of all knowledge. The sixteen data types correspond to our physical and mental sensors for these data types. When we are awake we travel from moment to moment through MEST while our brain is processing huge amounts of raw data to give us knowledge of our present place and time.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23