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ISSU Marketing

Marketing the products of the new dot-issu corporations will be done much in the same way dot-com corporations do it today. Web pages are an example of the way knowledge in the market director of an ISSU based business could be displayed. If there was ever one single knowledge context that has successfully made it to the Internet it would be Market. Where the ISSU will especially shine in the context of market will be the development of complex one-of-a-kind expensive projects. Projects like satellites, space planes, weapon systems, and power generation would benefit from using the ISSU. By requiring all participating companies to use the Language of ISSU would eliminate much waste, mistakes, and miscommunication. Customers for these huge projects would have their risk reduced and be much better able to predict the projects success.

What people will find out is that for the really complex projects like a Mission to Mars a tool like ISSU will be absolutely necessary and the mission may not even be possible without it. ISSU will allow humans to rise to a new level and control projects of enormous complexity yet still maintain confidence and security.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23