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Example Garbage ISSU

Let's look at how a Garbage Service will be governed by the ISSU. The founding authors and owners will put their company up on the Internet as a dot-issu corporation. Customers will access the ISSU much the same as they access a web page today to sign up for service and pay their bills. Garbage collectors will also access the ISSU to get a job, be trained, checkout equipment, and schedule their work. It may be necessary for a potential worker to negotiate and compete with many another applicants knowledge base in order be hired. This may involve some attention by the author-owners. Owners may require an electronic tracking system to follow the trucks and verify the proper operation of the company business. If there are no customer complaints and the work is done efficiently then the ISSU would pay the workers appropriately. It will be a very simple system to use and soon just about everybody will be using ISSU to manage their work. It will be up to the owner-authors to keep track of market changes and adjust the knowledge base of the ISSU to cope with a possible changing business environment.

Using ISSU to manage a small community garbage service may seem like overkill in some situations. For more sophisticated businesses like engineering that require highly skilled workers, ISSU will be a godsend. Dot-issu companies will be able to take advantage of the finest talent from all over the world to support their product development. No longer will a business need to locate in a place like Silicon Valley in order to have access to top talent. The talent needed will be instantly available anywhere via the Internet. Of course the ISSU will need the proper configuration of cash reserves necessary to pay for this talent.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23