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Comparison Tests for Absolute Convergence

The comparison tests for positive term series give us tests for absolute convergence.


If |an| ≤ c|bn| and 09_infinite_series-346.gif is absolutely convergent then 09_infinite_series-347.gif is absolutely convergent.


Let c be a positive real number. If

|aK| ≤ c|bK| for all infinite K and 09_infinite_series-348.gif is absolutely convergent then 09_infinite_series-349.gif is absolutely convergent.

The above tests do not help to distinguish between conditional convergence and divergence. Theorem 2 in Section 9.2 is often useful as a test for divergence.

There is another test which can be used either to show that a series is absolutely convergent or that a series is divergent.


Suppose the limit of the ratio |an+1|/|an| exists or is ∞,


(i) If L < 1, the series 09_infinite_series-351.gif converges absolutely.

(ii) If L > 1, or L = ∞, the series diverges.

(iii) If L = 1, the test gives no information and the series may converge absolutely, converge conditionally, or diverge.


(i) Choose b with L < b < 1. By the ε, N condition, there is an N such that all the ratios


are less than b. Therefore with c = |aN|.

|aN+l| < cb, |aN + 2| < cb2,...,|aN + n| < cb",....

The geometric series 09_infinite_series-353.gif converges, so by the Comparison Test, the tail 09_infinite_series-354.gif converges. Therefore the absolute value series 09_infinite_series-355.gif converges.

(ii) By the ε, N condition there is an N such that the ratios


are all greater than one. Therefore

|aN| < |aN+1| < ... < |aN+n| < ....

It follows that the terms an do not converge to zero, so the series 09_infinite_series-357.gif diverges.

The Ratio Test is useful even for positive term series, and is often effective for series involving n! and an.

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