The ebook Elementary Calculus is based on material originally written by H.J. Keisler. For more information please read the copyright pages.


This edition of the eBook "Elementary Calculus" is based on the well-known book by H. Jerome Keisler, University of Wisconsin. The main reason for rearranging the original material was to provide the book not only as a printable copy (i.e. as a PDF file containing scanned images) but also as an indexed and easy-to-navigate electronic book which is available both online and offline. In addition, we focused on enhancing the accessibility of the texts by improving the index, by splitting the chapters into managable parts, and by adding lots of "see also" hints and cross links.

Finally, we decided to publish this eBook as an MS Windows HTMLHelp file offering the same navigation structure as the Web-based version. We hope that this service makes it easier for many beginners to study calculus.

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Your Epina eBook Team
February 2006

Last Update: 2006-11-05