The Chemistry of Paints and Painting is a free textbook on chemical aspects of painting. See the editorial for more information....

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Papaver somniferumPoppy Oil
paper testingPaper Testing
paper-makingPaper Making
Pariser-BlauPrussian Blue
PeoriIndian Yellow
Permanent BlueArtificial Ultramarine
Permanent VioletManganese Violet
Permanent WeissBaryta-White
Permanent WhiteBaryta-White
Permanent YellowLemon Yellow
Persian RedIndian Red
Pink MadderMadder
Pink-ColourMineral Lake
PiuriIndian Yellow
plaster of Paris)Plaster
plumbagoBlack Lead
poppy oilPoppy Oil
Potters' PinkMineral Lake
 Preface To The First Edition
Prussian BluePrussian Blue
Prussian brownPrussian Brown
Prussiate of IronPrussian Blue
pure orangePure Orange
purple lakeCarmine and the Cochineal Lakes
PurreeIndian Yellow

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