The Compendium Geometry is an eBook providing facts, formulas and explanations about geometry.

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cartesian coordinate systemConversion between Polar and Cartesian Coordinates
 Conversion between 3D Coordinate Systems
 Three-dimensional Cartesian Coordinate System
 Two-dimensional Cartesian Coordinate System
CavalieriGeneral Rules for 3D Solids
center of gravityProperties of a Right Triangle
 Median and Centroid of a Triangle
centroidMedian and Centroid of a Triangle
circle ringAnnulus (Circle Ring)
circular cylinderCircular Cylinder
circumcircleProperties of a Right Triangle
 Circumcircle of a Triangle
circumradiusRegular Polygon
colatitudeSpherical Coordinate System
congruence transformationCongruence Transformation
congruent trianglesCongruent and Similar Triangles
 Congruence Transformation
construction of a triangleConstruction of a Triangle
conversionConversion between Polar and Cartesian Coordinates
 Conversion between 3D Coordinate Systems
coordinate transformCoordinate Transform
cosProperties of a Right Triangle
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cubeCuboid and Cube
 Platonic Solids - Regular Polyhedra
 Cube (Hexahedron)
cuboidCuboid and Cube
cyclic quadrilateralCyclic Quadrilateral
cylinderGeneralized Cylinder
 Circular Cylinder
 Cylindrical Wedge
 Cylindrical Segment
cylindrical coordinate systemCylindrical Coordinate System
 Conversion between 3D Coordinate Systems
cylindrical segmentCylindrical Segment
cylindrical wedgeCylindrical Wedge

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