The Compendium Geometry is an eBook providing facts, formulas and explanations about geometry.

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radial coordinateCylindrical Coordinate System
radianTwo-dimensional Polar Coordinate System
ratio of triangle sidesMollweide's Formulas
rectangleRectangle and Square
reflectionCoordinate Transform
regular dodecahedronDodecahedron
regular polygonRegular Polygon
regular polyhedronPlatonic Solids - Regular Polyhedra
regular right prismPrism
release historyDownload and Release History
rhombusParallelogram and Rhombus
right cylinderGeneralized Cylinder
right trapezoidTrapezoid
right trianglePythagorean Theorem
 Properties of a Right Triangle
 Triangle - General Definitions
 Thales' Theorem
rotationCoordinate Transform

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