Basic Audio is a free introductory textbook to the basics of audio physics and electronics. See the editorial for more information....

Index L...

lateral cutDisc Recording Techniques
LC oscillatorL-C Oscillators
leakage inductanceOther Losses
limiterThe Volume Limiter
line impedanceLine Impedance
listeningListening Acoustics
load lineLoad-Line Construction
 Finding the Plate Resistance
 Constructing The New Load Line
load resistanceThe Effect of Changing the Load
long-tail circuitThe Long-Tail Circuit
loop gainThe Loop Gain - Nyquist Diagram
loudnessIntensity and Loudness
 Demonstration of Relative Loudness
loudness curvesThe Ear's Response Curve
loudspeakerThe Purpose of Loudspeakers
 The Moving-Iron Speaker
 The Moving-Coil Speaker
 The Use of a Baffle
 The Infinite Baffle
 The Bass-Reflex Baffle
 The Electrostatic Speaker
 The Crystal Speaker
 The Ionophone
 The Matching Transformer
 Dividing Networks
 Power-Limiting Factors
 Demonstration of Acoustic Damping
loudspeaker dampingLoudspeaker Damping
low-frequency responseImproving Low-Frequency Response
 Improving the Frequency Response of a Pentode Stage
low-impedance lineLow-Impedance Connection

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