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Common Constants in Chemistry

Identifier Value Units Description
AlphaPartMass 6.6446559810-27 kg alpha particle mass (helium nucleus)
Alpha Particle Mass 5.9719189710-10 J alpha particle mass energy equivalent (in Joule)
Alpha Particle Mass 3727.37904 MeV alpha particle mass energy equivalent (in MeV)
Avogadro 6.022141991023 mol-1 Avogadro's number NA (or L): number of particles in one mol of substance
Bohr Radius 5.29177208310-11 m Bohr radius
Molar Gas Constant 8.314472 J mol-1 K-1 molar gas constant
Standard Gas Volume 2.271098110-1 m3 mol-1 standard gas volume

Last Update: 2004-11-19