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D latchThe D latch
d'Arsonval meterWhat is a meter?
D'Arsonval meter movementMeasurements of AC magnitude
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
Darlington pairThe common-collector amplifier
data collisionNetwork protocols
dBmAbsolute dB Scales
DCVoltage and current
 What is alternating current (AC)?
DC equivalentMeasurements of AC magnitude
DC restorer circuitClamper circuits
Debounce, switch contactContact "bounce"
Debouncing circuitMonostable multivibrators
Debouncing, switchLED sequencer
DecaMetric notation
DeciMetric notation
Decimal pointDecimal versus binary numeration
DeckleBit groupings
decoupling capacitorLow-Pass Filters
 Signal coupling
defibrillationPhysiological effects of electricity
degenerative feedbackFeedback
degree vs. radianAC Inductor Circuits
Delay line memoryHistorical, nonmechanical memory technologies
delay, propagationEdge-triggered latches: Flip-Flops
Delta configurationThree-Phase Y and Delta Configurations
delta-sigma ADCDelta-Sigma ADC
Delta-Y conversionDelta-Y and Y-Delta Conversions
DelttDouble-Layer Tunneling Transistor
DeMorgan's theoremBoolean Relationships on Venn Diagrams
 Minterm vs Maxterm Solution
 Digital logic functions
 Gate universality
Derivative of e functionsCalculus Reference
Derivative of a constantCalculus Reference
Derivative of power and log functionsCalculus Reference
Derivative rulesCalculus Reference
Derivative, calculusCapacitors and calculus
 Inductors and calculus
 Computational circuits
 Rate-of-change indicator
 Core saturation
Design Science LicenseCopyright
Detector, nullPotentiometric voltmeter
Determinism, networkPractical considerations
DiamagnetismPermanent magnets
dielectricElectric fields and capacitance
Dielectric "loss"Capacitor quirks
Dielectric constantCharacteristic impedance
Dielectric heatingCapacitor quirks
Dielectric strengthInsulator breakdown voltage
Difference,Algebra Reference
Differential amplifierSingle-ended and differential amplifiers
 Differential Amplifier
 Simple Op-Amp
Differential pairOperational amplifier models
 Differential Amplifier
 Simple Op-Amp
DifferentiationThe "operational" amplifier
Differentiation, calculusComputational circuits
 Differentiator and integrator circuits
 Rate-of-change indicator
DigitSystems of numeration
Digit, decimalSystems of numeration
Digit, significantScientific notation
digital multimeterVoltmeter usage
digital networkNetworks and busses
Digital ramp ADCDigital ramp ADC
diodeConventional versus electron flow
 Other waveshapes
 The Shockley Diode
 Ohmmeter Usage
 Tunnel Diodes
 pn-Junction as Temperature Sensor
Diode check, meter functionMeter check of a transistor
 Meter check of a diode
diode equationCurrent Mirror
diode equation, theDiode Characteristic
diode junction capacitanceDiode ratings
diode leakage currentDiode ratings
diode PIV ratingDiode Characteristic
Diode tubeThe triode
Diode, constant-currentActive mode operation
 JFET Current Regulator
 Constant-current diodes
Diode, steeringThe NOT gate
 TTL NAND and AND gates
Diode, zenerZener diodes
DIPThe "operational" amplifier
DIP gate packagingDIP gate packaging
Dipole antennaPrinciples of radio
direct couplingInput and output coupling
Direct currentVoltage and current
 What is alternating current (AC)?
disallowed state detectorRing Counters
 Johnson Counters
disallowed state, Johnson counterRing Counters
 Johnson Counters
Discharge tubeIonization (gas-filled) tubes
dischargingCapacitor Charging and Discharging
discharging, capacitorElectric fields and capacitance
Discharging, inductorMagnetic fields and inductance
Disconnect switchSafe practices
discontinuityA Very Simple Circuit
Disk, floppyMemory with moving parts: "Drives"
display tubeDisplay tubes
distortionMutual inductance and basic operation
 Practical Biasing Techniques
distortion, amplifierFeedback
Distortion, crossoverTubes versus Semiconductors
Distributive propertyBoolean algebraic properties
Divider, currentCurrent divider
Divider, voltageVoltage divider
Domain, frequencySquare wave signals
Domain, timeSquare wave signals
don't cares in Karnaugh mapDon't Care cells in the Karnaugh map
Dot convention, transformerPhasing
Double insulationSafe circuit design
downloadDownload and Release History
DPDT switchContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
DPST switchContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
Drift, calibrationRheostat range limiting
Drop-out currentRelay construction
dropoutThe Shockley Diode
Dual Inline PackageThe "operational" amplifier
 DIP gate packaging
Dual power supplySingle-ended and differential amplifiers
Duty cycleAC Instrumentation Transducers
 Biasing techniques
 555 Audio Oscillator
Duty cycle, square waveThe "operational" amplifier
Dynamic electricityConductors, insulators, and electron flow
Dynamic RAMModern nonmechanical memory
dynamometer movementWattmeter design
DynnerBit groupings

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