The ebook FEEE - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics is based on material originally written by T.R. Kuphaldt and various co-authors. For more information please read the copyright pages.

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machine languageMicroprocessor programming
magic-eye tubeDisplay tubes
magnet wireBuild a transformer
Magnet, permanentPermanent magnets
magnetic amplifierSpecial transformers and applications
Magnetic fieldMagnetic fields and inductance
 An electric pendulum
 Principles of radio
Magnetic field, rotatingPolyphase motor design
magnetic flux densitySusceptance and Admittance
magnetic quantum numberMagnetic Quantum Number
magnetic tunnel junctionMagnetic Tunnel Junction
MagnetismPermanent magnets
MagnetitePermanent magnets
magnetizing currentMutual inductance and basic operation
Magnetomotive forceElectromagnetism
 Mutual inductance and basic operation
MagnetostrictionHeat and Noise
magnitudeMeasurements of AC magnitude
magnitude comparatorLarger 5 & 6-variable Karnaugh maps
Make-before-breakContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
master/slave protocolNetwork protocols
Maximum Power Transfer TheoremMaximum Power Transfer Theorem
 Special transformers and applications
 Sensitive audio detector
 Sensitive voltage detector
maxtermLarger 4-variable Karnaugh maps
maxterm product Sigma- and Pi-Notation
maxwell (unit)Magnetic units of measurement
Maxwell-Wien bridgeAC Bridge Circuits
MC6800Short-distance busses
MegaMetric notation
MeggerHigh voltage ohmmeters
 4-Wire Resistance Measurement
MegohmmeterHigh voltage ohmmeters
Meissner effectSuperconductivity
members of setVenn Diagram and Sets
memoryDigital memory terms and concepts
Mercury (tilt) switchSwitch contact design
mercury standard cellMercury Standard Cells
Mercury-wetted contactsContact "bounce"
Mesh Current analysisMesh current method
meterWhat is a meter?
Meter movementMake your own multimeter
Meter, power factorPractical power factor correction
metric prefixAmmeter usage
metric systemMetric notation
 Metric prefixes and unit conversions
 Magnetic units of measurement
MetrologyKelvin (4-wire) resistance measurement
 Active-mode operation
mho, unitSusceptance and Admittance
MicroMetric notation
MicrobendingOptical data communication
microchannel busShort-distance busses
Microphonics, electron tubeTubes versus Semiconductors
MIIM diodeMIIM Diode
MilConductor size
Mil, circularConductor size
MilliMetric notation
MilliampOhm's Law (again!)
Millman's TheoremMillman's Theorem
 Millman's Theorem revisited
minimal costLarger 4-variable Karnaugh maps
mintermLarger 4-variable Karnaugh maps
minterm sum Sigma- and Pi-Notation
mks systemMagnetic units of measurement
MMFMutual inductance and basic operation
ModbusExtended-distance networks
Mode, opticalOptical data communication
modulationElectrical signal types
Modulus. vectorPolar and rectangular notation
moleculeElectron activity in chemical reactions
monochromatic lightLaser diodes
monostable multivibratorDigital logic with feedback
 LED sequencer
 Monostable Multivibrator
MOS Controlled ThyristorField-effect-controlled thyristors
MOS-gated thyristorField-effect-controlled thyristors
MOSFETCMOS gate circuitry
MotorPolyphase motor design
Motor, electricElectromagnetism
Motor, inductionPolyphase motor design
 Automotive alternator
Motor, synchronousPolyphase motor design
 Automotive alternator
Motor/generator setStep-up and step-down transformers
Movement, meterMake your own multimeter
moving coil meterWhat is a meter?
MSBDecimal versus binary numeration
Mu, tube amplification factorCombination tubes
multi-stage amplifierInput and output coupling
 Multi-Stage Amplifier
multibusShort-distance busses
MultimeterSafe meter usage
 Voltmeter usage
 Make your own multimeter
Multimode fiberOptical data communication
multiple combinational circuitsMultiple Combinational Circuits
multiple-input gatesMultiple-input gates
MultiplierVoltmeter design
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
Multiplier circuit, diodeVoltage multipliers
multivibratorDigital logic with feedback
 Contact "bounce"
 555 Audio Oscillator
 Audio Oscillator
 Monostable Multivibrator
Multivibrator, monostableLED sequencer
Mutual inductancePractical considerations
 Mutual inductance
 Mutual inductance and basic operation
mutual inductionWhat is alternating current (AC)?
MWG (Steel Music Wire Gauge)Conductor size

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