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p, symbol for instantaneous powerAC Resistor Circuits
 AC Resistor Circuits
P, symbol for powerPower in electric circuits
 DC circuit equations and laws
packagePackage TO-18
 Package TO-3
 Package TO-39
 Package TO-5
 Package TO-66
 Package TO-72
 Package TO-254AA
pair, differentialDifferential Amplifier
 Simple Op-Amp
Paper tape storageMemory with moving parts: "Drives"
ParallelParallel batteries
 Rheostat range limiting
Parallel analysisParallel R, L, and C
Parallel batteriesParallel batteries
Parallel circuit rulesSimple parallel circuits
 What is a series-parallel circuit?
 Series R, L, and C
Parallel circuitsSeries and parallel component equivalent values
Parallel dataIntroduction
 Shift Register, Parallel-in, Serial-out
parallel LC resonanceSimple parallel (tank circuit) resonance
Parallel, definition ofWhat are "series" and "parallel" circuits?
parallel-in/parallel-out shift registerParallel-In, Parallel-Out, Universal Shift Register
 PIPO Universal Devices
ParamagnetismPermanent magnets
particleStatic electricity
 Electron activity in chemical reactions
PascalMicroprocessor programming
PASCAL, computer languageUsing the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
Passive averagerAverager and summer circuits
passive deviceActive Versus Passive Devices
Pauli exclusion principlePauli exclusion principle
PC/AT busShort-distance busses
 Building simple resistor circuits
 Low-Pass Filters
 Meter check of a diode
PCIShort-distance busses
PCMCIAShort-distance busses
pCO2pH measurement
PeakMeasurements of AC magnitude
peaking transformerCore saturation
Peltier effectThermocouples
PendulumAn electric pendulum
Pentagrid tubeCombination tubes
Pentode tubeDepletion-type IGFETs
periodAC Waveforms
Periodic tablePeriodic Table of the Elements
Permanent magnetPermanent magnets
permanent magnet meterWhat is a meter?
permanent magnet moving coilAC Voltmeters and Ammeters
permeabilityFactors affecting inductance
 Magnetic units of measurement
 Variable inductor
Permissive switchPermissive and interlock circuits
permittivityElectric fields and capacitance
 Factors affecting capacitance
Permittivity, relativeCharacteristic impedance
Perpetual motion machineSuperconductivity
PetaMetric notation
pHpH measurement
PhaseAC Phase
Phase rotationPhase rotation
Phase sequencePhase rotation
phase shiftAC Capacitor Circuits
 AC Inductor Circuits
 Vectors and AC waveforms
 AC Phase
 Phase shift
 Input to Output Phase Shift
Phase, transformerPhasing
phase-continuous FSKElectrical signal types
photoelectric effectSolar Cell
PhotonOptical data communication
physics, quantumIntroduction
physiological effects of electricityPhysiological effects of electricity
pianoAC Waveforms
PicoMetric notation
piezoelectricityFrequency and Phase Measurement
Pinch-off voltageThe transistor as a switch
PIPO shift registerParallel-In, Parallel-Out, Universal Shift Register
pitch (musical)AC Waveforms
PIV ratingDiode Characteristic
Place valueSystems of numeration
Place value, numeration systemSystems of numeration
PlasmaIonization (gas-filled) tubes
 Gas discharge tubes
Platter, hard diskMemory with moving parts: "Drives"
PlayteBit groupings
PLCProgrammable logic controllers
PMMCWhat is a meter?
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
pn junctionpn-Junction as Temperature Sensor
PNPN diodeThe Shockley Diode
pO2pH measurement
Point, binaryDecimal versus binary numeration
Point, decimalDecimal versus binary numeration
Point-to-point topologyNetwork topology
Points, electrically commonCircuit wiring
 Shock current path
Polar notationPolar and rectangular notation
PolarityVoltage and current
 Voltmeter usage
 A Very Simple Circuit
Polarity, ACSingle-phase power systems
 More on AC "polarity"
 Some examples with AC circuits
Polarity, voltagePolarity of voltage drops
polarizedConventional versus electron flow
 Practical considerations
Pole, alternatorThree-phase power systems
Poles, switchContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
PolyphaseThree-phase power systems
polyphase bridge rectifierRectifier circuits
polyphase induction motorTesla Polyphase Induction Motors
 Theory of operation
 Motor Starting and Speed Control
 Linear induction motor
POSLarger 4-variable Karnaugh maps
POS expressionConverting truth tables into Boolean expressions
positive chargeStatic electricity
positive feedbackPositive feedback
 Logic signal voltage levels
Positive sequenceHarmonic phase sequences
potato batteryPotato battery
Potential energyVoltage and current
potential transformerSpecial transformers and applications
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
 Protective relays
 AC Instrumentation Transducers
 Potentiometer as a Voltage Divider
potentiometer as rheostatPotentiometer as a Rheostat
Potentiometric voltmeterPotentiometric voltmeter
powdered iron coreEnergy losses
powerTrue, Reactive, and Apparent Power
power calculationsCalculating Electric Power
power capacityPower capacity
power dissipationTransistor Ratings
 Power Dissipation
Power factorAC Circuit Equations
 Power in resistive and reactive AC circuits
 Synchronous Condenser
Power factor meterPractical power factor correction
power gainDecibels
power levelAbsolute dB Scales
Power qualityPower quality measurement
Power quality meterPower quality measurement
Power supplyIntroduction
Power triangleTrue, Reactive, and Apparent Power
Power, definitionPower Dissipation
power, electricPower in electric circuits
Power, general definitionWhy L/R and not LR?
Power, in series and parallel circuitsPower calculations
power, negativeAC Inductor Circuits
power, precise definitionPower in electric circuits
precision potentiometerPrecision potentiometer
precision voltage followerPrecision voltage follower
prefixOhmmeter Usage
Prefix, metricMetric prefixes and unit conversions
pressure switchSwitch types
primary cellElectron activity in chemical reactions
primary coilMutual inductance and basic operation
primary transformer coilWhat is alternating current (AC)?
Principal modeWaveguides
principal quantum numberPrincipal Quantum Number
printed circuit boardResistors
 Building simple resistor circuits
 Low-Pass Filters
 Meter check of a diode
Process variableSingle-ended and differential amplifiers
Processor, computerMicroprocessors
product termMaking a Venn diagram look like a Karnaugh map
Product-Of-SumsLarger 4-variable Karnaugh maps
Product-Of-Sums expressionConverting truth tables into Boolean expressions
ProfibusExtended-distance networks
Program, self-modifyingMicroprocessors
Programmable Logic ControllerProgrammable logic controllers
programmable op-ampSimple Op-Amp
programming languageMicroprocessor programming
Programming, SPICEUsing the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
PROMRead-only memory
propagation delayEdge-triggered latches: Flip-Flops
propagation delay, shift registerShift Register, Serial-in/Serial-out
Properties, arithmeticAlgebra Reference
Properties, exponentsAlgebra Reference
Properties, radicalsAlgebra Reference
Property, associativeBoolean algebraic properties
Property, commutativeBoolean algebraic properties
Property, distributiveBoolean algebraic properties
Protective relayProtective relays
protocolNetwork protocols
protonStatic electricity
 Scientific notation
 Electron activity in chemical reactions
 Quantum physics
 Pauli exclusion principle
 Quantum Mechanics
Proton, mass ofScientific notation
proximity switchSwitch types
pseudo-noiseIntroduction to Shift Registers
PTSpecial transformers and applications
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
 Protective relays
Pull-in currentRelay construction
Pulldown resistorLED sequencer
Pullup resistorCMOS gate circuitry
Pulse stretchingOptical data communication
Pulse-width modulationThe "operational" amplifier
 PWM power controller
pulsed-light sensorPulsed-Light Sensor
push-pull amplifierBiasing techniques
pushbutton switchSwitch types
PUTThe Unijunction Transistor
PWMThe "operational" amplifier
PWM power controlPWM power controller
PWM power controllerPWM power controller
Pythagorean TheoremTrigonometry Reference

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