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s,p,d,f subshell notationAngular Momentum Quantum Number
S-100Short-distance busses
S-R latchThe S-R latch
sample frequencyNykquist Frequency
Sample frequency, ADCPractical considerations of ADC circuits
saturable reactorSpecial transformers and applications
SaturationPermeability and saturation
Saturation voltageNegative feedback
 Transistor Ratings
Saturation, transistorThe transistor as a switch
 Active mode operation
Sawtooth waveMore on spectrum analysis
 AC Waveforms
Scalar numberIntroduction
 Power in resistive and reactive AC circuits
Scale, logarithmicOhmmeter design
Schmitt triggerLogic signal voltage levels
 Schmitt Trigger
Schottky diodeSchottky diodes
scientific modeHand calculator use
Scientific notationScientific notation
SCROther waveshapes
 Ionization (gas-filled) tubes
 The Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
SCR bridge rectifierThe Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
ScreenThe tetrode
SCSThe Silicon-Controlled Switch (SCS)
SCSIShort-distance busses
Seal-in contactMotor control circuits
 Programmable logic controllers
secondary cellElectron activity in chemical reactions
secondary coilMutual inductance and basic operation
Secondary emissionThe tetrode
secondary transformer coilWhat is alternating current (AC)?
Seebeck effectThermocouples
selectivityResonant filters
selector switchSwitch types
self-inductanceMutual inductance and basic operation
Self-inductionElectromagnetic induction
Self-modifying programMicroprocessors
SelsynAC Instrumentation Transducers
 Selsyn (synchro) motors
semiconductorConventional versus electron flow
 Intrinsic Semiconductor
 Current flow in a Semiconductor
semiconductor diodeConventional versus electron flow
semiconductor fuseFuses
semiconductor materialSemiconductor Material
Semiconductor, definedBand Theory of Solids
sensitive gateThe Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
Sensitivity, ohms per voltVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
Sequence, harmonicHarmonic phase sequences
Sequence, phasePhase rotation
SequencesAlgebra Reference
sequential access memoryDigital memory terms and concepts
sequential logicIntroduction to Shift Registers
 Combinational Logic
Serial dataIntroduction
 Shift Register, Parallel-in, Serial-out
SeriesSeries batteries
 Rheostat range limiting
Series analysisSeries R, L, and C
Series batteriesSeries batteries
Series circuit rulesSimple series circuits
 What is a series-parallel circuit?
 Series R, L, and C
Series circuitsSeries and parallel component equivalent values
series LC resonanceSimple series resonance
Series, definition ofWhat are "series" and "parallel" circuits?
Series-parallelParallel batteries
Series-parallel analysisAnalysis technique
 Series-parallel R, L, and C
series-parallel resonanceResonance in series-parallel circuits
servo motorOther specialized motors
Set stateNOR gate S-R latch
Set, latchThe S-R latch
SetpointSingle-ended and differential amplifiers
setsVenn Diagram and Sets
setup time, shift registerShift Register, Serial-in/Serial-out
seven-layer modelNetwork protocols
shape symbols, logic gateShift Register, Parallel-in, Serial-out
shell, electronIntroduction
 Quantum physics
 Pauli exclusion principle
 Quantum Mechanics
Shield groundingIntroduction
Shielded cableIntroduction
shieldingSensing AC magnetic fields
 Sensing AC electric fields
shift registerIntroduction to Shift Registers
 Parallel-In, Parallel-Out, Universal Shift Register
 PIPO Universal Devices
shift register, parallel-in/serial-outShift Register, Parallel-in, Serial-out
shift register, serial-in/parallel-outSerial-in, parallel-out shift register
shift register, serial-in/serial-outShift Register, Serial-in/Serial-out
SHMAn electric pendulum
shockPhysiological effects of electricity
shock hazardPhysiological effects of electricity
 Shock current path
 Ohmmeter Usage
Shockley diodeThe Shockley Diode
Short circuitResistance
 Component failure analysis
 A Very Simple Circuit
ShuntAmmeter design
shunt resistorAC Voltmeters and Ammeters
 Voltage Follower
si systemeMagnetic units of measurement
 Voltage-to-current signal conversion
 Active-mode operation
Siemens, unitSusceptance and Admittance
Sign-magnitudeNegative binary numbers
signalAnalog Signals
signal couplingIntroduction
 Signal coupling
Signal generatorMusical keyboard as a signal generator
Signal, 10-50 milliampCurrent signal systems
 Voltage-to-current signal conversion
Signal, 4-20 milliampCurrent signal systems
 Voltage-to-current signal conversion
Signal, currentCurrent signal systems
Signal, voltageVoltage signal systems
Significant digitScientific notation
Silicon-controlled rectifierOther waveshapes
 Ionization (gas-filled) tubes
 The Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
silicon-controlled switchThe Silicon-Controlled Switch (SCS)
simple circuitA Very Simple Circuit
Simple combination lockSimple combination lock
Simple Harmonic MotionAn electric pendulum
simple op-ampSimple Op-Amp
Simulation, computerComputer simulation of electric circuits
 Voltage divider
Simultaneous equationsWhat is network analysis?
Sine waveAC Waveforms
Sines, law ofTrigonometry Reference
single electron transistorSingle Electron Transistor
Single mode fiberOptical data communication
single phase induction motorSingle-phase induction motors
Single-ended amplifierSingle-ended and differential amplifiers
Single-phaseSingle-phase power systems
Single-phasing, electric motor operationContactors
Sink, currentCurrent mirrors
 CMOS gate circuitry
sinusoidalAC Waveforms
Skin effectStanding waves and resonance
 Special transformers and applications
 Resonance in series-parallel circuits
 Inductor quirks
 More on the "skin effect"
slicer circuitClipper circuits
Slide ruleAlgebra Reference
 Arithmetic with scientific notation
slip ring, alternatorAutomotive alternator
Slope (integrating) ADCSlope (integrating) ADC
slow-blow fuseFuses
Small-scale integrationOperational amplifier models
SnubberInductor commutating circuits
Software vs. HardwareLook-up tables
solar cellSolar Cell
 Building simple resistor circuits
 Transformer -- power supply
Solderless breadboardBuilding simple resistor circuits
 Building series-parallel resistor circuits
SolenoidRelay construction
SOPLarger 4-variable Karnaugh maps
SOP expressionConverting truth tables into Boolean expressions
Sound cancellationSound cancellation
sound wavesAC Waveforms
SourcThe NOT gate
Source, currentNorton's Theorem
 Current signal systems
 CMOS gate circuitry
Span calibrationRheostat range limiting
Spark gapIonization (gas-filled) tubes
SPDT switchContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
Specific resistanceConductor and Insulator Tables
 Specific resistance
Spectrum analyzerSquare wave signals
 Power quality measurement
Spectrum, frequencyPower quality measurement
speed switchSwitch types
SPICEUsing the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
 Computer simulation of electric circuits
 Scientific notation in SPICE
 Some examples with AC circuits
 Voltage divider
SPICE netlistComputer simulation of electric circuits
 Scientific notation in SPICE
 Simple series circuits
SPICE programmingUsing the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
Spice simulatorInfineon HiPAC-EDT
SPICE2g6Using the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
spin quantum numberSpin Quantum Number
Split phaseFull-wave bridge rectifier
Split power supplySingle-ended and differential amplifiers
Split-phaseSingle-phase power systems
SPST switchContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
 Special-output gates
Square waveSquare wave signals
 AC Waveforms
SR flip-flopEdge-triggered latches: Flip-Flops
SSIOperational amplifier models
Standing wave ratioStanding waves and resonance
Standing wavesStanding waves and resonance
Star configurationThree-phase power systems
 Three-Phase Y and Delta Configurations
Star topologyNetwork topology
static electricityStatic electricity
 Conductors, insulators, and electron flow
Static electricity sensorStatic electricity sensor
Static RAMModern nonmechanical memory
stator winding, alternatorAutomotive alternator
STDShort-distance busses
Steering diodeThe NOT gate
 TTL NAND and AND gates
Step recovery, ADCPractical considerations of ADC circuits
stepper motorReluctance motor
 Stepper motors
stepper motor driver, 3-phaseRing Counters
 Johnson Counters
stepper motor driver, unipolarRing Counters
 Johnson Counters
Stored-program computerMicroprocessors
Strain gaugeStrain gauges
Strip, terminalBuilding simple resistor circuits
 A Very Simple Circuit
StrobingAsynchronous counters
strong nuclear forceStatic electricity
subshellQuantum physics
 Pauli exclusion principle
 Quantum Mechanics
Successive approximation ADCSuccessive approximation ADC
Sum, algebraicKirchhoff's Voltage Law (KVL)
Sum-Of-ProductsLarger 4-variable Karnaugh maps
Sum-Of-Products expressionConverting truth tables into Boolean expressions
SuperconductivityConductor and Insulator Tables
 Conductors, insulators, and electron flow
Superposition TheoremSuperposition Theorem
 Three-phase power systems
 Circuit effects
SuppressorThe pentode
surface-mount deviceResistors
Surge impedanceFinite-length transmission lines
susceptanceSusceptance and Admittance
SWG (British Standard Wire Gauge)Conductor size
 Switch types
 Circuit with a Switch
Switch contactSwitch contact design
Switch contact bounceMonostable multivibrators
Switch debouncingLED sequencer
switch in circuitCircuit with a Switch
Switch normal positionContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
Switch, closedResistance
Switch, generic contact symbolContact "normal" state and make/break sequence
Switch, mercury tiltSwitch contact design
Switch, openResistance
Switch, permissivePermissive and interlock circuits
Switch, safety disconnectSafe practices
Switch, tapWinding configurations
switch-tail ring counterRing Counters
 Johnson Counters
Switched digital networkNetwork topology
switched reluctance motorReluctance motor
switching timeDiode ratings
SWRStanding waves and resonance
SynchroAC Instrumentation Transducers
synchronous condenserSynchronous Condenser
Synchronous counterSynchronous counters
synchronous load, shift registerShift Register, Parallel-in, Serial-out
synchronous motorSynchronous Motors
systeme internationalMagnetic units of measurement
Systems of equationsWhat is network analysis?

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