The ebook FEEE - Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics is based on material originally written by T.R. Kuphaldt and various co-authors. For more information please read the copyright pages.

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v, symbol for instantaneous voltageCapacitors and calculus
 Inductors and calculus
Vdd, versus VccCMOS gate circuitry
VA (unit)True, Reactive, and Apparent Power
 Power capacity
vacuum tubeConventional versus electron flow
 Voltmeter impact on measured circuit
 Winding configurations
vacuum tube audio amplifierVacuum Tube Audio Amplifier
Valence bandBand Theory of Solids
valence electronsValence Electrons
valence shellQuantum physics
 Angular Momentum Quantum Number
 Pauli exclusion principle
 Quantum Mechanics
Value, instantaneousAC Resistor Circuits
 AC Resistor Circuits
VAR (unit)True, Reactive, and Apparent Power
varactor diodeVaractor Diode
variable capacitorFactors affecting capacitance
 AC Instrumentation Transducers
variable component, symbol modifierResistors
variable inductorVariable inductor
variable reluctance motorReluctance motor
Variable transformerWinding configurations
 AC Instrumentation Transducers
VariacWinding configurations
varistorNonlinear Conduction
VCOGas discharge tubes
 Power in resistive and reactive AC circuits
vector additionSimple vector addition
 Complex vector addition
vector amplitudeVectors and AC waveforms
Vector anglePolar and rectangular notation
Vector lengthPolar and rectangular notation
Vector magnitudePolar and rectangular notation
Vector modulusPolar and rectangular notation
vector phase shiftVectors and AC waveforms
Vector sumSome examples with AC circuits
Vector, absolute valuePolar and rectangular notation
Velocity factor, transmission lineCharacteristic impedance
Venn DiagramVenn Diagram and Sets
Virtual groundDivided feedback
VMEShort-distance busses
VMOS transistorIGBTs
volatile memoryDigital memory terms and concepts
Volt (unit)How voltage, current, and resistance relate
volt-amp (unit)Power capacity
VoltageVoltage and current
 Shock current path
 Voltmeter usage
 How voltage, current, and resistance relate
Voltage "polarity," ACSingle-phase power systems
 More on AC "polarity"
 Some examples with AC circuits
Voltage averagerA Very Simple Computer
Voltage bufferNegative feedback
voltage comparatorVoltage Comparator
Voltage detector, sensitiveSensitive voltage detector
Voltage dividerVoltage divider
 Potentiometer as a Voltage Divider
 Voltage divider circuits
Voltage divider formulaVoltage divider circuits
Voltage doubler circuitVoltage multipliers
Voltage dropVoltage and current
Voltage followerNegative feedback
 The common-collector amplifier
 Precision voltage follower
 Voltage Follower
 Simple Op-Amp
Voltage multiplier circuitVoltage multipliers
Voltage polarityVoltage and current
 Polarity of voltage drops
 Mesh current method
 Kirchhoff's Voltage Law (KVL)
Voltage regulationVoltage regulation
Voltage regulatorThe common-collector amplifier
 Voltage regulator
Voltage regulator tubeIonization (gas-filled) tubes
voltage riseThe Shockley Diode
 The Silicon-Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
Voltage signalVoltage signal systems
Voltage, between common pointsCircuit wiring
voltage, biasThe common-emitter amplifier
 Biasing techniques
voltage, common-modeElectrical isolation
 Common-Mode Gain
 Differential Amplifier
voltage, forwardDiode Characteristic
Voltage, forward, PN junctionThe NOT gate
Voltage, lineThree-Phase Y and Delta Configurations
Voltage, op-amp output saturationNegative feedback
Voltage, phaseThree-Phase Y and Delta Configurations
voltage, polarityA Very Simple Circuit
Voltage, precise definitionVoltage and current
 Power in electric circuits
Voltage, rippleHalf-wave rectifier
 Rectifier/filter circuit
Voltage, sourcesVoltage and current
Voltage-controlled oscillatorMicrowave tubes
 Gas discharge tubes
VoltmeterSafe meter usage
 Voltmeter design
 AC Voltmeters and Ammeters
Voltmeter impactVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
Voltmeter loadingVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
voltmeter usageVoltmeter usage
Voltmeter, amplifiedVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
Voltmeter, null-balancepH measurement
Voltmeter, potentioVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
Voltmeter, potentiometricpH measurement
VTVMVoltmeter impact on measured circuit
VXIShort-distance busses

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