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The History of Badoura - Epilogue

Author: Laurence Housman

" This, O King, is the story of Prince Camaralzaman and of the Princess Badoura from the time of their falling in love until the day when all their wanderings of separation were ended. A year later the two Queens each presented him with a son almost upon the same day. And the birth of these Princes was celebrated with every kind of festivity and rejoicing."

Princess Scheherazade, the Heroine of the Thousand-And-One Nights, Banks Among the Great Storytellers of the World.

As Scheherazade concluded her story the light of dawn grew full. For a thousand and one nights she had given entertainment to her lord, saving at the same time the lives of her fellow-women. During this period she had borne the King three children, all with so strong a resemblance to their father that even he could find no cause in them for casting suspicion upon his wife's virtue.

So the tale being ended Scheherazade rose, and having kissed the ground at the King's feet, said, " O King of the Age, perfect and incomparable, lo in dust and ashes I thy slave come to present to thee a petition." And the King said, " Ask, and it shall be granted thee."

Then Scheherazade called to her attendants and said "Bring in the children! " So they brought the children quickly; one of them walked, one crawled, and one lay at the breast.

So she set them before the King, and said, " These children are thine and mine. In pain I bore them, having little hope of any joy that they might bring me; for under sentence of death I brought them into the world, and though thrice I have been a mother thou hast not yet pardoned me. Say, therefore, O King, when is my death to be; or, if it is not to be, then let my suspense be ended."

At these words the King wept; and embracing his children tenderly, cried: " O Scheherazade, by Allah I swear to thee that before the coming of these children thou wast pardoned already. Nor shall the death of such an one as thou be laid to my charge when Kings come before God to be judged."

Then Scheherazade fell down and kissed his feet and his hands, crying, " God give thee a long life, and power and strength, and dominion and majesty to the world's end."

Joy of that news spread through the palace, and thence to the city and all the people; and the night of rejoicing that followed was a night not to be reckoned among lives, for its colour was as the rainbow in its promise over young fields of corn, and its light whiter than the face of day.

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