The Java Course provides a general introduction to programming in Java. It is based on A.B. Downey's book, How to Think Like a Computer Scientist. Click here for details.

Download and Release History

If you are interested in using a local copy of the Java Course you can download it as an HTML-Help file:
[2011-04-03] Release 1.21 [0.85 MB]
The zip archive contains the entire ebook as an HTMLhelp file.
After downloading please unpack the zip archive and
double click the file "javacourse.chm" to open the ebook.

Following is the release history of Java Course:

Release Date Changes
1.21 2011-04-03 Minor maintenence revision
1.20 2011-01-24 Index improved. "See also" hints added. Missing images in section "A Fractal Mickey Mouse" added. Fonts adjusted to improve readability. Broken links to external Web sites fixed. Several cosmetic improvements (images are now in color, capital letters in captions, etc.).
1.01 2006-12-11 Ebook is now available as zip archive to avoid security problems.
1.00 2005-11-22 Allen B. Downey, How to Think Like a Computer Scientist has been ported to Coimbra. The available material has been rearranged, re-indexed and fed into the Coimbra system to use it as a starting base for Java Course

Last Update: 2011-04-04