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Index L...

lampFluorescent Lamps
lap windingLap Winding
lead-acid batteryThe Lead-Acid Storage Battery
leakage fluxTheory of Operation
Lenz's lawLenz's Law
line voltage dropVoltage Drop of Two-Wire and Three-Wire Systems
line-starterStarting of Polyphase Induction Motors
line-to-line voltageThree-Phase Circuits
loadBurdens of Current and Potential Transformers
load lineThe Load Line and Dynamic Characteristic
lockout magnetSeries-Lockout Starters
lossTypes of Losses
 Loss in Shunt-Field Circuit of DC Generator
 Loss in the Armature Circuit
 Losses by Windage and Friction (Mechanical Losses)
 Stray Load Loss
 Armature-Iron Loss
 Losses and Efficiency
lumenLight Flux

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