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salient-pole generatorTypes of Alternating-Current Generators
saturation curveThe Diode
saturation of ironPermeability and Saturation of Iron
Scott connectionThe Scott, or T, Connection
screen gridTetrodes
secondaryThe Rotating Magnetic Field
secondary batterySecondary (Storage) Batteries
self-excited generatorBuilding up Voltage of a Self-Excited Generator
 Change in Characteristics
semi-enclosed motorRating of Enclosed Motors
series circuitMulti-Part Series Circuit with Resistance and Inductance
 Series Circuits With Resistance and Capacitance
series generatorThe Series Generator
series resistorResistors in Series
series resonanceParallel Circuits With Resistance and Capacitance
series-relay starterSeries-Relay Starters
shaded poleThe Shaded-Pole Induction Motor
shading coilThe Shading Coil
shuntDirect-Current Ammeter
shunt connected terminalsField Excitation of Shunt Generator
shunt generatorPerformance of a Shunt Generator
shunt motorCharacteristics of Shunt Motors
shunt-field circuitLoss in Shunt-Field Circuit of DC Generator
single-phase circuitsClasses of Circuits
single-phase motorThe Shaded-Pole Induction Motor
single-phase motorsNeed for Small Motors
slipPrinciple of Operation
smooth-core generatorTypes of Alternating-Current Generators
solenoidMagnetic Circuit
 Application of Magnets
 Pull of Magnets and Solenoids
space vectorUse of Vectors
speed of generatorOperation of Speeds Above or Below Rated Speed
speed regulationSpeed Regulation
split-phase motorThe Capacitor Motor
splitphase motorThe Split-Phase Induction Motor
squirrel-cage rotorThe Squirrel-Cage Rotor
stabilizing windingStabilizing Windings
starterAutomatic Starters
 Types of Automatic Motor Starters
 Series-Relay Starters
startingStarting of Polyphase Induction Motors
starting currentStarting of D-C Motors
starting rheostatStarting of D-C Motors
starting windingThe Split-Phase Induction Motor
static electricityStatic Electricity
statorThe Rotating Magnetic Field
storage batterySecondary (Storage) Batteries
stranded conductorsResistance of Conductor
stray load lossStray Load Loss
stroboscopeThe Stroboscope
structure of matterThe Structure of Matter
suppressor gridPentodes
susceptanceConductance,Susceptance, and Admittance
switchDirect-Current Transients
synchronizing currentSynchronizing Current
synchronous condenserThe Synchronous Condenser
synchronous impedanceSynchronous Impedance
synchronous motorGeneral Characteristics of the Synchronous Motor
 Starting of Synchronous Motors
 Running Conditions
 Vector Diagram of the Synchronous Motor
 Synchronous-Motor Applications
synchronous speedPrinciple of Operation

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