Linux Know-How provides a collection of introductory texts on often needed Linux skills.

Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.62005-03-01Revised by: MG
Minor debugging, added more keywords, info about new Bash 3.0, took out blank image.
Revision 1.52004-12-06Revised by: MG
Changes because of new domain, minor corrections.
Revision 1.42004-10-18Revised by: MG
Debugging, added a couple of notes in chap9, replaced screenshots with screen sections. Corrected some typos.
Revision 1.32004-07-09Revised by: MG
Added tracer image 1x1 pixel, added textobjects for all pictures, fixed wrong links in index, made signal list more clear.
Revision 1.22004-06-15Revised by: MG
Added index, more markup in screen sections.
Revision 1.12004-05-22Revised by: MG
Last read-through before going to press, added more examples, checked summaries, exercises, cleaned up introduction.
Revision 1.02004-04-27Revised by: TM
Initial release for LDP; more exercises, more markup, less errors and abuse; added glossary.
Revision 1.0-beta2003-04-20Revised by: MG

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