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Installing the TIS Proxy Server

Getting the software

The TIS FWTK is available at

Don't make the mistake I did. When you ftp files from TIS, READ THE README's. The TIS fwtk is locked up in a hidden directory on their server.

TIS requires you read their agreement at and then send email to with only the word accepted in the body of the message to learn the name of this hidden directory. No subject is needed in the message. Their system will then mails you back the directory name (good for 12 hours) to download the source.

As of this writing, the current version of FWTK is 2.1.

Compiling the TIS FWTK

Version 2.1 of the FWTK compiles much easier then any of the older versions.


Now run make.

Installing the TIS FWTK

Run make install.

The default installation directory is /usr/local/etc. You could change this (I didn't) to a more secure directory. I chose to change the access to this directory to 'chmod 700'.

All last is left now is to configure the firewall.

Last Update: 2010-12-16