Linux Know-How provides a collection of introductory texts on often needed Linux skills.

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echoDebugging Bash scripts
 Displaying user messages
 Example Bash script
editorViewing and editing files
 Creating and running a script
 SED Commands
elifMore advanced if usage
elseMore advanced if usage
emacsLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools
environment variablesTypes of Variables
errorRedirection and file descriptors
esacUsing case statements
escape characterQuoting Characters
etc/bashrcSystem-wide configuration files
etherealNetwork administration tools
ethernet interfaceHow to set up my home network?
exampleScript using GFCC
example scriptsScript using GFCC
ExcelProcessing MS Word Documents
execFile input and output
executableHow to run a program
executing commandsExecuting commands
 Shell Building Blocks
exerciseExercises - Bash Scripts
 Exercises - Debugging Scripts
 Exercises - Bash Environment
 Exercises - Regular Expressions
 Exercises - SED
 Exercises - Gawk
 Exercises - Conditional Statements
 Exercises - Interactive Scripts
 Exercises - Repetitive Tasks
 Exercises - Variables
 Exercises - Functions
 Exercises - Signals
 Survey of Exercises
exitMore advanced if usage
exit statusSimple applications of if
expansionShell Building Blocks
 Shell Expansion
 Shell parameter and Variable Expansion
exportChanging the PATH
exporting variablesExporting Variables
ext2File Systems
ext3File Systems

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