Linux Know-How provides a collection of introductory texts on often needed Linux skills.

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S.u.S.E LinuxLinux distribution
SambaMounting a Remote MS Windows File System
 How to use Samba?
sashComparison of Shells
scannerDevice Files
scheduled programsScheduled Programs
scheduled tasksHow do I set up cron?
scilabMath Tools
scriptHow do I write a simple shell script?
 Linux Advanced Text Processing Tools
 Script basics
 Developing good scripts
 Example Bash script
 Example Init Script
scsi driveDevice Files
sdiffLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools
searchFinding files
 What is grep?
search and replaceInteractive editing
securing the firewallSecuring the Firewall
securityWarranty and security
 About password security
security policyFirewall Politics
sedLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools
 SED Commands
 Interactive editing
 Non-interactive editing
 Summary - SED
selectMaking menus with the select built-in
 Some Linux Daemons
serial portDevice Files
services fileConfiguring the TIS Fwtk
setclockSome administration commands
setupPrinter Setup
setup filesSetup and Configuration Files
shComparison of Shells
 Common shell programs
 Differing features
shared directoriesHow to use Samba?
shellComparison of Shells
 Meaning of quotes
 Common shell programs
shell command line optionsInvocation
shell compatibilityDiffering features
shell expansionShell Building Blocks
shell optionsIntroduction to if
shell promptCustomizing the Shell Prompt
shell scriptHow do I write a simple shell script?
 Shell Building Blocks
 Developing good scripts
shell syntaxShell Building Blocks
shiftThe shift built-in
shredLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools
shutdownShutdown of the computer
 Basic operations
single quotesQuoting Characters
Single Router ArchitectureSingle Router Architecture
single-user modI forgot the root password
SlackwareLinux distribution
smbHow to use Samba?
 File Systems
smbdSome Linux Daemons
SOCKSConfiguring the Proxy Server
 Working With A Proxy Server
 Selecting A Proxy Server
SOCKS proxyTypes of Firewalls
SOCKS proxy serverThe Socks Proxy Server
sortLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools
soundMusic-related commands
sound cardDevice Files
source codeLinux Source Code
sources of bashWhat do you need?
special charactersShell Special Characters
spell-checkingViewing and editing files
spreadsheetWord processing
squidSome Linux Daemons
 Selecting A Proxy Server
 Installing A Transparent Squid Proxy
SSHBash startup files
standard shell featuresCommon features
StarOfficeWord processing
starting a programHow to run a program
statLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools
steering committeeLack of Roadmap
stopped processProcess control
stream editorSED Commands
 Summary - SED
stringLinux Advanced Text Processing Tools
 Brace expansion
string comparisonsSimple applications of if
structure of a shell scriptDeveloping good scripts
suSome administration commands
sub-programIntroduction to Functions
subshellScript basics
substitutionCommand substitution
 Process Substitution
substringsOperations on variables
sudoManagement of User Accounts
suidMP3 Player
supermountCan I mount automatically?
swapFile Systems
swap partitionSwap space
swapoffSwap space
swaponSwap space
syslogdSome Linux Daemons
System-wide configuration filesSystem-wide configuration files
sysvFile Systems

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