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Linux Internet Links

There are surely thousands of Internet sites devoted to Linux. Here are some Linux links which I like, in no particular order. If you need something else, you should find a useful pointer on one of these pages. Master site for this document (LNAG). Bookmark it. Linux Documentation Project--Home for the many FAQs, Howtos, Minihowtos and Guides. Always up-to-date. Linux Admin FAQ (the non-Newbie). This site seems good for newbies! Linux administration made easy (LAME). Recommended. Lots of Linux documentation. Bookmark it. Another help site for newbies Yet another newbie guide Discussions for nerds, hackers, gurus, etc. (= /.) Update on today's releases of Linux software Linux news--excellent daily reading. Bookmark it. "The Linux Lab Project." Data acquisition and other interesting material for those in science. Linuxberg. Big portal. They have everything there. I like their rating of Linux software and am installing only packages that received 5 penguins ;-) .  Bookmark it. The Linux counter. Register yourself as a linuxer! Linux FAQ. Tons of Linux software at the Sunsite archive. Bookmark it. Linux applications. Linux applications. Linux applications. Great new portal (better than yahoo) with excellent links for Linux newbies. Debian Linux site. Linux hardware compatibility list. Lots of useful Linux links Scores of excellent links. More links to Linux documentation. Even more Linux links. Master GNU site (GNU's-Not-Unix. This is a recursive definition). The Red Hat site.
http://www.cs.Helsinki.FI/u/torvalds/ Linus Torvalds home page.

Last Update: 2010-12-16