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Simplify the Mounting Command

An alias is an abbreviation of a more complex or often used command. For creating aliases, I edit, as root, the file /etc/bashrc . This way the aliases are available for all the users on the system. (For creating user-specific aliases, I edit the file .bashrc in the user home directory.) The relevant part of my /etc/bashrc looks like this:

alias cdrom="mount -v /mnt/cdrom"

alias ucdrom="umount -v /mnt/cdrom"

alias dosdrive="mount -v /mnt/dosdrive"

alias udosdrive="umount -v /mnt/dosdrive"

alias zipdrive="mount -v /mnt/zipdrive"

alias uzipdrive="umount -v /mnt/zipdrive"

alias floppy="mount -v /mnt/floppy"

alias ufloppy="umount -v /mnt/floppy"

The option "-v" stands for "verbose", i.e., it tells Linux to talk to me a lot during mounting. For the aliases to take effect, the user has to re-login. Now the user can mount the floppy using this simple command:


and s/he can unmount it using


Last Update: 2010-12-16