Linux Know-How provides a collection of introductory texts on often needed Linux skills.

Web browsers

All newer Linux distributions (Nov. 2002) include as the main web browser "mozilla". Type in an X-terminal:


This is a state-of-art browser and one cannot wish for much more (except maybe some speed). It is a descendant of the famous Netscape. Versions of mozilla for several operating systems are available (including MS Windows and Mac).

Other choices for an Internet browser are: KDE-based konqueror and galeon. I use mozilla.

If your ISP connection is really slow, you may prefer a text-based browser:


Don't expect it to look as fancy a GUI-based browser-it is text-mode based. The good think about it is that it is always works and is fast. Great for a quick look at an html file from a command line.

On an older Linux, you probably have installed a 4.xx version of Netscape ("a tried and true browser"). To run it, try (in X-terminal):


To compose html pages (including this guide), I currently used mozilla (WYSiWYG view or code view), netscape (WYSiWYG view or code view), and WebMaker (code view). Some purists complain that the resulting html is not very pretty but I do not worry too much. The web page displays fine and clean under mozilla and other major browsers I tried.

Last Update: 2010-12-16