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Thanks to the few thousands who developed GNU/Linux. Should I mention Richard Stalman and Linus Torvalds by name?

Other Matters

You can see that this guide was written by newbies for newbies. It should never be considered an authoritative source on any topic--there are much more exhaustive docs, typically more difficult to read too :-),  most of them available right on your Linux system in the directory /usr/doc .  Please e-mail us immediately if you spot a mistake that can confuse or mislead a new Linux user--this work is in progress and the current version may contain such mistakes. Don't use this guide if your life or well-being was to depend on it!

If you wanted to contribute a part (on a useful Linux topic of your choice), we would like to hear from you--we will be happy to include a part with your name, etc. The only condition is that your advice be easy to follow by newbies like us.

If you create your own mirror, pls make sure to update it at least from time to time. LNAG is under development and inaccuracies are found and corrected on regular basis. Our licence requires updates (if available on else please remove your outdated mirror.

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