Capacitors, Magnetic Circuits, and Transformers is a free introductory textbook on the physics of capacitors, coils, and transformers. See the editorial for more information....

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parallel-plate capacitorParallel-Plate Capacitor
pendulumThe Law of Degradation of Energy
per unit quantitiesPer Unit Quantities
 Per Unit Impedance in 3-Phase Systems
permanent magnetHysteresis Loop
 Permanent Magnets
 Demagnetization Curve
 Energy Product
 Operating Characteristics of Permanent Magnets
permeabilityMagnetic Materials
 Energy Stored in Magnetic Circuits
permeanceMagnetic Circuits in Series and in Parallel
 Inductance in Terms of Magnetic Reluctance and Magnetic Permeance
permittivityComplex Dielectric Constant
phase characteristicsVariable-Frequency Transformers
phasor diagramExciting Current, Conductance, and Susceptance
 The Approximate Equivalent Circuit
plungerMagnetic Circuits in Series and in Parallel
polarizationPolarization and Dielectric Constant
 Mechanism of Polarization
 A-C Characteristics of Dielectrics
potentialVoltage and Potential
potential energyPotential and Kinetic Energy
 Power and Torque
power efficiencyTransformer Losses and Efficiency
power factorkVA Rating of Capacitors
power gainGains
power lossesEquivalent Circuit of the Transformer
power outputPower Output
premagnetizationSingle-Core Saturable Reactor With Premagnetization
problemsProblems - Energy
 Problems - Capacitance and Related Effects
 Problems - Magnetic Circuits
 Problems - Inductance, Electromagnetic Energy Conversion
 Problems - Excitation Characteristics of Iron-Core Reactors
 Problems - The Transformer
 Problems - Saturable Reactors

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