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Power is the time rate of transferring or transforming energy. The unit of power in the MKS system is the watt or joule per second. If w = energy in joules then by


Equation 1-2 can be restated in terms of power as follows


Part of the power out of the system may be useful power since the mechanical power output of an electric motor and part of the power out of the system may be in the form of heat produced by electrical and mechanical losses. Equation 1-1 gives the relationship between work dw, force F, and an infinitesimal displacement dx. If Eq. 1-1 is differentiated with respect to time, the following expression is obtained for the instantaneous power


The work dw associated with the motion of an infinitesimal charge dq, against the electrostatic force of a field, through a potential difference of v volts is expressed by


and the power is


where i = dq/dt is the electric current expressed in amperes.

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