The PNG Guide is an eBook based on Greg Roelofs' book, originally published by O'Reilly.



Version 3.0 beta, Caldera Graphics. Conversion capabilities; claims full 16-bit-per-sample support and strongly implies full gamma and color correction, including ICC profiles.
Electric Eyes

Red Hat Advanced Development Labs. Electric Eyes is a new, Linux/GNOME-based image viewer by The Rasterman (who's perhaps better known for his spectacularly fancy Enlightenment desktop). It is also one of the prototype applications for Imlib, an X-based imaging toolkit described in Chapter 16, "Other Libraries and Concluding Remarks".

Version 3.5, Michael Knigge. Broken support for 24-bit images. GRAV is a non-X-based image viewer for Linux, similar to Zgv, later in this list; it uses svgalib to display on a Linux console. It has not been updated since January 1996 and apparently is no longer under development.
Image Alchemy

Version 1.11, Handmade Software. Conversion capabilities (in fact, primarily a command-line conversion tool); claims full alpha support, gamma support, and support for ICC profiles via ColorSync. Note that only the versions for DOS and Macintosh and the commercial versions for Sun, SGI, and HP workstations include viewing capability.
ImageMagick display

Version 4.2.0, John Cristy. Conversion capabilities (mostly via accompanying convert utility); full gamma support; partial MNG support. There is also a 32-bit Windows port, but it requires a third-party X server to run.
Photon Picture Viewer/pv

QNX Software Systems. No gamma support; QNX only. The Photon Picture Viewer is part of the Photon microGUI and can be downloaded as part of QNX's 1.44 MB ``Internet Appliance'' demo diskette.

Version 1.28, Willem van Schaik. Conversion capabilities (PNG to TIFF only, apparently, with preservation of alpha/transparency); NeXTStep and OpenStep only.
Quick View Plus

Version 4.5, Inso. There is also a version 5.0 for Windows, sold by Jasc Software; see the listing in the 32-bit Windows section for at least part of the strange story.

Version 3.02, Takeshi Ogihara. Conversion capabilities; transparency support; support for writing text comments; NeXTstep and OpenStep only. The latest NeXTStep version is 2.6a.

Version of May 9, 1997, Glenn Randers-Pehrson. Full alpha and gamma support; partial (out-of-date) MNG support; SGI IRIX only. Viewpng requires the separate pnggzip utility (included) for its compression and decompression.

Version 1.16, Graeme Gill. Like XV, the next entry, xli (a modified version of xloadimage) has not been updated since 1994, before PNG was born. But it is available as C source code from and elsewhere, and a PNG patch by Smarasderagd has been available for years, so compiling a PNG-capable version is straightforward.

Version 3.10a, John Bradley. Conversion capabilities, including interlacing support but without the ability to write transparent PNGs; full gamma support; preserves text information. XV is widely considered to be the preeminent image viewer for the X Window System.[22] The only major drawback is that it was last released in December 1994, five days before the CompuServe/Unisys GIF announcement that began the PNG saga and therefore does not include PNG support in the default distribution. Fortunately, it is available as C source code, and the home page includes not only the PNG patch but also several others, so it can be recompiled and tweaked at will. An upcoming patch will allow an image-background color to be set, similar to the -bgcolor option in the demo viewers in Chapter 13, "Reading PNG Images" and Chapter 14, "Reading PNG Images Progressively".

[22] In fact, it is my preferred viewer.

Version 3.0, Russell Marks. Zgv is a non-X-based image viewer for Linux, similar to GRAV, earlier in this list; it uses svgalib to display on a Linux console.

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