The PNG Guide is an eBook based on Greg Roelofs' book, originally published by O'Reilly.



Version 1.80 (``build 280''), Photodex. Conversion capabilities; claims gamma support. CPIC is also sometimes known as CompuPic.

Version 3.0, Equilibrium. Conversion capabilities; claims gamma support.

Version 2.4, Kevin Mitchell. Conversion capabilities; no transparency, gamma or text support.

Version 3.4.1, Lemke Software. Conversion capabilities; claims alpha and gamma support.

Version 1.4.0, Mark Sproul.
Image Alchemy

Version 1.11, Handmade Software. Conversion capabilities (in fact, primarily a conversion tool); claims full alpha support, gamma support and support for ICC profiles via ColorSync. Note that only the versions for DOS and Macintosh and the commercial versions for Sun, SGI, and HP workstations include viewing capability.
QuickTime PictureViewer

Version 3.0, Apple Computer. Full gamma and color-correction support via ColorSync; claims full alpha support (but not clear in what form). PictureViewer completely supersedes the Tiny Viewer demo app that Sam Bushell included with his QuickTime 2.5 PNG-Importer. Note that any QuickTime-aware application (even Apple's SimpleText) can be used to view PNG images if QT3 is installed.

Beta 11/version 3.10, Cerious Software. Conversion capabilities, but without the ability to write interlaced or transparent PNGs; possibly full gamma support; can autogenerate web pages with thumbnail images.

Last Update: 2010-Nov-26