The PNG Guide is an eBook based on Greg Roelofs' book, originally published by O'Reilly.



Version 9.04, Bob Berry.[24] Conversion capabilities; gamma support; progressive display of interlaced images. Related software includes CompuShow 2000.

[24] Contrary to the claim in the first edition of this book, Bob was not the inventor of the GIF image format, so one should not consider him the grandfather of PNG. (It's good to keep these things straight.)

Version 1.90t5 beta or 1.89, Jih-Shin Ho. Conversion capabilities; gamma support. Development apparently ended in June 1997.
Graphic Workshop

Version 7.0f, Alchemy Mindworks. Conversion capabilities. Version 7.0f was the first and last DOS release to have PNG support. See also the 16-bit and 32-bit Windows versions earlier in this chapter.
Image Alchemy

Version 1.11, Handmade Software. Conversion capabilities (in fact, primarily a command-line conversion tool); claims full alpha support, gamma support, and support for ICC profiles via ColorSync. Note that only the versions for DOS and Macintosh and the commercial versions for Sun, SGI, and HP workstations include viewing capability.

Version 1.5f, Jacques Nomssi Nzali. Development apparently ended in June 1996.

Version 1.80, Jan Patera. Conversion capabilities, but PNG support is read-only.

Version 1.7e, Oliver Fromme. QPV/386 is a multipurpose image viewer known for its speed; QPNG/386 is its free, PNG- and TGA-only sibling. Development on both apparently ended in November 1996.

Version 1.34, Bart Wakkee, Ralph Gortzen, and Harold de Laat (distributed by Photodex). Conversion capabilities.

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