The PNG Guide is an eBook based on Greg Roelofs' book, originally published by O'Reilly.

Viscape Universal

Superscape has been in the 3D business since before VRML existed, but the release of Viscape Universal 5.60 late in 1998 was its first nonbeta attempt at a VRML97 browser. As with Cosmo Player and CCpro, it supports both OpenGL and Direct3D rendering engines.

Version 5.60 comes reasonably close to achieving Superscape's claims of ``full VRML97 compliance,'' at least with regard to textures. Alpha transparency is supported, but single-shade PNG transparency in grayscale or RGB textures is not, and palette-alpha PNGs are rendered mostly opaque. Material transparency has varying effects: with the OpenGL renderer, all textures are composed with the underlying transparency; with Direct3D, none of them are. Both behaviors are incorrect. Grayscale textures also fail to absorb the underlying material's color.

On a more amusing note, Viscape Universal has no support for GIF textures--which is allowed by the VRML specification--but it fails to render the underlying material correctly in the absence of the textures. The browser may be downloaded from

Last Update: 2010-Nov-26