Radio Antenna Engineering is a free introductory textbook on radio antennas and their applications. See the editorial for more information....

Index I...

idealized polar patternLong Wires with Standing Waves
impedance matchingImpedance-matching Series Line Sections
 Parallel Stub Lines for Impedance Matching
 Impedance Matching with an Inductor or Capacitor
impedance matching techniquesImpedance-matching Techniques
impedance transformationGeneralized Case of Impedance Transformation
 Multiple Tuning for Impedance Transformation
impedance-matching networkGraphical Synthesis of Impedance-matching Networks
impedance-matching transformerTapered Transmission-line
important transmission-line equationImportant Transmission-line Equations
increasing bandwidthIncreasing Bandwidth of Vertical Radiators
inductorImpedance Matching with an Inductor or Capacitor
infinite and finite linesInfinite and Finite Lines
input impedanceInput Impedance to Any Radiator in an Array of Dipoles
 Input Impedance to Each Radiator in a Directive Array
intermittent coverageIntermittent Coverage from Sky Waves
inverted-v traveling-wave antennaTraveling-wave Antenna for Vertically Polarized Transmission
ionosphereHigh-frequency Propagation
ionosphere dataIonosphere Data

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