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parallel stub lineParallel Stub Lines for Impedance Matching
parallelogram arrayParallelogram Arrays
parameterTransmission-line Parameters
parasitic elementsHorizontal Dipole with Parasitic Elements
passive screen reflectorDipole with Passive Screen Reflector
phase diagramsPhase Diagrams
polar resultant patternGraphical Solution of Array Problems
polyphase transformationSingle-phase to Polyphase Transformations
potential gradientComputation of Potential Gradients
potential gradientsReducing Potential Gradients
power distributionPower Distribution among the Half-wave Dipoles of an Array
power lossesPower Losses
power transmissionPower-transmission Capacity of Open-wire Transmission Lines
producing symmetricalProducing Symmetrical Multiple-null Patterns
propagationSky-wave Propagation at the Low Frequencies
 High-frequency Propagation
 Propagation by Reflection
 Radio-frequency Currents in Linear Conductors

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