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scale-model measurementsScale-model Measurements
secondary lobeSuppressing Secondary Lobes by Splitting
secondary lobesSuppressing Secondary Lobes
sectionTapered Transmission-line
self matching antennaAntenna and Feeder Mutually Self-matching
series line sectionImpedance-matching Series Line Sections
short vertical radiatorLow-frequency Antennas
shunt-fed radiatorsShunt-fed Radiators
signal intelligibilityFactors Affecting Signal Intelligibility
signaling speedSignaling Speed
single circleRadial-buried-wire Ground System
single-phaseSingle-phase to Polyphase Transformations
single-wire unbalanced feederSingle-wire Unbalanced Feeder
six-wire feederSix-wire Unbalanced Line
 Six-wire Side-connected Balanced Feeder
sky waveChoice of Vertical Radiation Pattern
sky wavesIntermittent Coverage from Sky Waves
sky-waveSky-wave Propagation at the Low Frequencies
soil conductivitySoil-conductivity Measurements
specified azimuthal patternSynthesis of an Array for Any Specified Azimuthal Pattern
splittingSuppressing Secondary Lobes by Splitting
square lineEight-wire Square Line
stabilityStability of Directive Broadcast Arrays
stacked horizontal dipoleVertical Directivity of Stacked Horizontal Dipoles
standing waveStanding Waves on Open-wire Transmission Lines
 Long Wires with Standing Waves
star ground systemMultiple-star Ground System
star groundsRadial-buried-wire Ground System
static drainingStatic Draining of Antenna Feeder Systems
stereographic chartStereographic Charts for Rhombic Antennas
structural designStructural Design
structural detailsStructural Details
summary remarkRemarks regarding Transmission Lines
suppressing secondary lobeSuppressing Secondary Lobes
suppressing secondary lobesSuppressing Secondary Lobes by Splitting
symbolsSymbols Frequently Used In Text

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