Radio Antenna Engineering is a free introductory textbook on radio antennas and their applications. See the editorial for more information....

Download and Release History

Author: Epina Book Team

If you are interested in using a local copy of Radio Antenna Engineering you can download it as an HTML-Help file:
[2011-03-19] Release 0.82 [26.9 MB]
The zip archive contains the entire ebook as an HTMLhelp file.
After downloading please unpack the zip archive and
double click the file "radioanteng.chm" to open the ebook

Following is the release history of Radio Antenna Engineering:

Release Date Remarks
0.82 2011-03-19 Some minor technical changes. Reorganisation of the section headings.
0.81 2010-12-09 Index improved. Literature references completed. Many small OCR-related bugs fixed. Six-wire Side-connected Balanced Feeder was not arranged at correct position in table of contents. Greek symbols have been replaced by unicode characters to improve readability. Several broken links fixed.
0.80 2007-09-30 Literature references linked. Images of special characters added (square root, etc). Index improved. Correction of small mistakes.
0.70 2007-08-10 Correction of many small errors.
0.60 2007-07-31 Many images improved. Mistakes in the original book corrected. Index improved
0.50 2007-05-12 First implementation of the entire textbook.

Last Update: 2011-03-19