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Index S

saberPrincipal Components Analysis
samplingSmall Sample
sardinesOptimizing Methods
satellitesUV/VIS spectroscopy
secondary electron multiplierSEV / SEM (Chaneltron)
self-organizing mapKohonen Map
separation techniqueStationary Phase
slingshotTime-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer
small sampleSmall Sample
SOMKohonen Map
spectraFluorescence Spectroscopy
 Absorption Spectroscopy
spectrometerFluorescence Spectroscopy
spectroscopyUV/VIS spectroscopy
 Infrared Spectroscopy
 Emission Spectroscopy
 Fourier Transform Spectroscopy
 Absorption Spectroscopy
spectrumUV/VIS -Spectrum
 Mass Spectrometer
spin in a magnetic fieldNuclear Spin and Precession
staircasePlate Theory
stationary phaseColumn Chromatography
 Stationary Phase
 Thin Layer Chromatography
statisticsLarge Sample
stepPlate Theory
strainerLiquid Chromatography I
summitGradient Descent

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