This is the Web Edition of "A Trip Into Space", a Coimbra-based electronic book on space science. Both the texts and the photos are by courtesy of National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The Moon
Armstrong Packing Lunar Samples On The The Moon

Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong is seen packing lunar samples he had collected at the Modular Equipment Stowage Assembly (MESA) on the lunar module in one of the few photographs showing him on the Moon. Armstrong took most of the photographs on the Moon, Aldrin took this picture as part of a series of panoramas of the area around the Tranquility Base landing site. Armstrong is in the shadow of the lunar module, details can only be seen with processing, making the sunlit surface directly behind the LM appear very bright. (Apollo 11, AS11-40-5886)

Last Update: 2004-Nov-27