This is the Web Edition of "A Trip Into Space", a Coimbra-based electronic book on space science. Both the texts and the photos are by courtesy of National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

The Moon
Southeastern Mare Imbrium

Apollo 15 metric camera image of Southeastern Mare Imbrium. The 33 km diameter Timocharis crater, centered at 26.7 N, 13.1 W, is partly visible at upper left. Note the old fractured terrain at the right and smoother textured and ridged mare terrain at center. The craters Feuillee and Beer are at the top of the image, and just below at right of Beer a small crater chain can be seen. A sinuous rille is also marginally visible at bottom center of the image, running up to middle of the frame. The image is about 115 km across and north is up. (Apollo 15, AS15-0424)

Last Update: 2004-Nov-27