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Course Designer

A much encountered situation is that the teacher has to select some material from a huge collection of material to prepare a specific lecture. While this can be time-consuming if the pool of resources is large, Teach/Me offers a specialized tool which supports the search for teaching material and its compilation into a course. Furthermore, the courses can be designed to be self-adapting according to the answers of questions posed to the students at the beginning of the course. The course designer can be started by clicking at the Designer button of the Course section of the main menu.

Creating new courses can be achieved mostly by simple drag-and-drop actions, provided the available material is sufficient for your purposes. The general layout of the creation of Teach/Me courses is to select topics out of a large pool of material, rearrange these topics, include additional headers and include structures for adjusting the course to the student's needs.

In order to design a new course, you first have to start the course designer by clicking on the appropriate button on the main menu. At the beginning, the course designer scans through the database of lessons and presents all available lessons in a list box. This list box is made up of several columns which contain some meta information on the individual lessons.

The course designer is split into two panes, the left pane holding a tree view of the currently edited course, while the right pane contains the available lessons.

Last Update: 2004-Jul-03