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When starting to study new material, individual learners will have different levels of knowledge and skills. In order to cope with this situation and always present exactly the material the student needs, Teach/Me provides self-adapting courses. At the beginning of a course the student is asked some questions. The answers to these questions are used to compile a personalized course. The resulting course is then presented as a "personalized textbook" which is, in fact, a customized extract of the underlying textbook.

The course designer is a powerful tool to create self-adapting courses by an interactive environment. It lets you collect and compile teaching material by simple drag-and-drop actions. The course is structured as a hierarchical tree, containing sections, questions, alternative answers, comments, etc. The teacher may immediately try out the course and publish it to the public (Intranet Edition only).

The course designer may also be used for structuring material for lectures. Lectures can be easily create, just by applying some drag-and-drop actions.

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