You are working with the text-only light edition of "H.Lohninger: Teach/Me Data Analysis, Springer-Verlag, Berlin-New York-Tokyo, 1999. ISBN 3-540-14743-8". Click here for further information.

How to Use it

An essential part of the Teach/Me system is its textbook. This electronic form of a book is different from a printed book in several respects:

(1) The textbook pages are not arranged in some linear manner, as in a paper book. It therefore does not make any sense to browse through the text from the first to the last page. Pages can be changed by either following the links on the current page, or by using the textbook navigator. However, Teach/Me offers a browse sequence for the most important pages (small greenish arrows at the right side of the caption bar of each page).

(2) The order of the textbook pages can be arranged by creating some kind of personalized textbook.

(3) Any page of the textbook can be annotated by clicking the Notes button.

(4) The contents of the whole textbook can be accessed in several ways:

(5) Integrated in the textbook are interactive examples which provide some kind of "learning by doing" approach. These interactive examples can be started by clicking at the appropriate logos. These logos are usually different in their appearance, however, it should be clear from the context that a particular logo is linked to an interactive example.

(6) The textbook is closely connected to the data laboratory. Clicking on the DataLab logo will start the data laboratory, most often loading also a proper data set for the current topic.

Last Update: 2005-Jul-16