Transistor Basics is a free introductory textbook on transistors and their basic applications. See the editorial for more information....

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thyristorThe PNPN Transistor
transient protectionTransient Protection
transistor amplifierLimitations, Supply Voltage and Load
transistor componentsPrinted Circuit Techniques
transistor i-f amplifierPrinted Circuit Techniques
transistor multivibratorTransistor Multivibrator
transistor oscillatorsIntroduction
 Conditions for Oscillation
transistor performanceGrounded Emitters and Grounded Collectors
Transistor phase inverterTypical Circuit
transistor power supplyPower Supplies
transistor stabilityNegative Resistance and Transistor Stability
transistor test setsTransistor Test Sets
transistor tetrodeTransistor Tetrode
triggerTrigger Circuits

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