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Voltage Regulation

Author: J.B. Hoag

The voltage output of a rectifier circuit decreases as larger currents are taken out because of the losses which occur in the various resistances in the circuit. This is indicated in Fig. 11 I for a condenser-input filter and for a choke-input filter.

Fig. 11 I. Voltage from a, rectifier for various loads

The per cent " voltage regulation " is defined as 100 (E1 E2)/E2. It is to be noted that, whereas a circuit with a condenser-input filter will deliver a higher voltage, its voltage regulation is poor in comparison with the choke-input filter circuit. The regulation of the circuit of Fig. 11 E(c) is poor even with the addition of a choke and another condenser, and even when the condensers C1 and C2 are as large as 16 μfd. each.

Last Update: 2009-11-01