Basic Radio is a free introductory textbook on electronics based on tubes. See the editorial for more information....

Index A...

A and N beacon"A and N" Radio Beacon
AC generatorA Simple A.C. Generator
Adcock antennaThe Night Effect
AFCSome Special Features of Receivers
airplaneThe Reduction of Static
 Instrument Landing
alignmentAlignment Methods
 Aligning the Receiver
AM receiverDifferences Between F.M. and A.M. Receivers
ammeterMagnetic Fields of Currents
 A.C. Ammeters
amplificationVoltage Amplification per Stage
amplification constantVoltage Amplification Constant
amplifierSome Simple Amplifiers
 Class "A" Operation
 Push-Pull Amplifiers
 Class AB Amplifiers
 R.F. Class B Amplifiers
 Class C Amplifiers
 Direct Current Amplifiers
 Stabilized D.C. Amplifiers
 Multistage D.C. Amplifiers
 R-C Coupled Amplifiers
 R and C Values
 A Pulse Amplifier
 A Wide-Band Amplifier
 Impedance-Coupled Amplifiers
 Transformer-Coupled Amplifiers
 Speech Amplifiers
 Principles of Feedback Amplifiers
 Single-Stage Degenerative Amplifier
 Two-Stage Degenerative Amplifier
 Typical R.F. Class A Amplifier
 I.F. Class A Amplifiers
 R.F. Class C Power Amplifiers
 Interstage Coupling Methods
amplitude distortionDistortion
amplitude modulationModulated Carrier Waves
 A Crude Method of Amplitude Modulation
 Plate Modulation
antennaStanding Waves
 Simple Antennas
 Field Intensity
 Directed Radiation
 The Ground Wave
 Measurement of Power Output
 Output-Coupling Devices
 Loop Antennas
 Sense Determination from a Fixed Position
 Errors Due to Background Voltages
 Long-Wire Antennas
 Short-Wire Antennas
array antennaDirected Radiation
atomThe Structure of Matter
attenuationIntroduction to Filters
audio frequency amplifierReceivers
audio frequency oscillatorA Simple Audio Oscillator
automatic frequency controlSome Special Features of Receivers
automatic volume controlAutomatic Volume Control
AVCAutomatic Volume Control

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