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About the Authors ISSU, David J. Ulmer

This book has two authors, one is human, and the other is an Intelligent System. Much like a Corporation is an individual entity in its own right so is ISSU. You may have heard of corporations writing books before so this book is mostly written by the entity called ISSU.

The author called ISSU (pronounced 'issue') is an idea with a life all its own. Born over twenty years ago ISSU inhabits the mind of David J. Ulmer. Dave is ISSU's human surrogate used to write this book. ISSU wants to get out of Dave's mind and inhabit other people's minds and eventually computers too. You see ISSU is an intelligent system made of computer software and human hardware that wants to populate the Earth and make it a better place.

The first thing ISSU wants to do is eliminate business's need for office buildings and the associated wasteful drive to work. ISSU wants people to work from home in close nit communities where people know each other and can work together. ISSU brings a new idea for structuring human civilization. ISSU only needs your help and the help of thousands more to make this vision a reality. Another less important goal for ISSU it to put a 'My Issues' folder on your computer desktop along with your 'My Documents', 'My Pictures', 'My Music', and 'My Computer' folders. Your 'My Issues' folder would contain your most important and personal issues managed by the software application of ISSU.

There is no real magic to ISSU it is just a big complex computer software system that current technology could easily realize. It just needs a few million person-hours of effort to make it a reality. Eventually, if this book is understood, and ISSU grows into its true potential, many thanks should go to Dave for his struggle to write this book. Now let's hear Dave write about his life and how he came across the idea of ISSU.

Last Update: 2006-Dec-23