Beyond the Information Age discusses a new way of thinking about computers, knowledge and understanding. See the editorial for more information....


When Dave Ulmer contacted me the first time in December 2006, asking whether VIAS is interested in publishing his book "Beyond the Information Age" I agreed to read his draft. When I received his PDF the decision was clear: this book is an outstanding book pointing to the future of IT technology and the development of intelligent systems, so VIAS definitely wanted to publish the book.

During the following days hectic activities both on Dave's and on our side broke out. We managed to create an ebook within less than two weeks - including proof-reading, indexing, editorial work and all the (mostly invisible) activities which usually have to be done when publishing a new book. In addition, we took the opportunity of Dave's book to introduce a new comment system, which allows to comment on the book at the paragraph level.

So, all in all, you receive a book which is a "must" for readers who are interested in the future development of both information technology and society (yes society, Dave's book shows how technology will increasingly influence social structures). The book is open for discussion.....

Best wishes,

Hans Lohninger
December 2006


P.S.: The author, Dave Ulmer, can be contacted using the following email address:

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